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Dafna Tal is a visual artist, a professional photographer and a Canon Ambassador based in Israel. She graduated from the School of The International Centre of Photography in New York City (2006), and from the program of The European Diploma In Cultural Project Management (2009).    


Tal’s artwork explores the inner feelings and perceptions of various cultures and communities. Her photography and video works are regularly exhibited at various international art venues, festivals and events. In 2018, she had a solo exhibition at The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.


As a professional photographer, Tal has been photographing projects in the editorial and commercial fields for many years, covering assignments in Israel and around the world. Her work involves various types of productions, including large scale projects in which she has directed and coordinated all of the relevant aspects. After years of experience working in the region, she is deeply familiar with its people, sites, landscapes and working environment. 


Besides her love for creating art projects, Tal also loves to travel and has a particular affection for small secluded islands. She has a scuba diving, free diving and a yacht master license, as well as experience in giving lectures and workshops.


Art website: www.dafnatal.com

Follow: www.instagram.com/dafna_tal_studio

Recommendations (scroll down): www.linkedin.com/in/dafnatal

“Dafna’s is always trusted with high priority assignments.

Over the years she has taken upon herself a number of complex projects and carried them out in the most skillful manner: demonstrating initiative, commitment, responsibility and above all - outstanding professionalism.”


Zvika Burg,

Tourism Editor, LAISHA Magazine

“Dafna’s numerous photographic and video projects I witnessed over the years were all thoroughly researched and impeccably executed with utmost precision, always incorporating fresh ideas and new visual perspectives.


She proved over and again to be an artist of great talent capable to carry her investigations with scientific precision and great talent.”

Dr. Nissan N. Perez, Curator and researcher,

formerly senior curator of photography at the

Israel Museum, Jerusalem